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About Us

Inspired by a love of comfort and support combined with active lifestyles, we began designing soft, plush cock rings after a bike seat met a metal ring in a particularly painful way.

After searching for a soft, knit cock ring we were shocked to discover that a soft, knit comfortable ring was nowhere to be found. So we set out to make one that that was as beautiful and fun to wear as well as cozy for our cocks and balls.


What started out as a simple yet beautiful ring rapidly became a whole product line of fun and luxurious CockCozies that provide all of the benefits of metal rings, but with the added benefit that they are easy on the perineum, even when sitting on something as challenging as a bike seat.

Our CockCozies help to get and hold stronger erections. They lift your cock and balls up and forward to keep them from being squished between your legs, which is

particularly helpful when exercising or otherwise being active. Also: because of the lifting they do, they enhance the profile of your bulge nicely.

Each item is handmade with care, knit on bamboo needles and crafted with luxurious cotton yarn.


On this website you will find more information about CockCozies and in our Members Only area, you can explore all kinds of ways to enhance your sexuality. This is a body and sex positive website. Enjoy!

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