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Caring for Your Cozy

Congratulations for your recent purchase of ComfyCock Cockwear. If your product has already arrive, then you know it is made of soft yet very durable and strong cotton. That means it is very easy to clean and otherwise care for. Follow the tips below for the best results.

Any of our knit products are safe to wash in the washing machine and may also be dried in the dryer, with one caveat: because of their small size, they can easily get lost. As a result, we recommend putting your cozy inside something, like a small mesh or cotton bag, that will keep it from disappearing into your washer. If the item you ordered includes steel rings, the rings will potentially damage the inside of your washing machine, unless you put the cozy into something soft to help cushion the impact with it hits the side of the machine. The same goes for the dryer.

Like a good pair of jeans, your cozy will tighten up a bit when it is dried in the dryer, but will stretch out again when put on and worn.

You can also wash them quickly and easily by hand and let them air dry. If you ware washing products that have rubber or silicone plugs, these plugs should be removed before putting your cozy in the wash.

A Note About Tails

Each of our products is made using between 2 and 6 scanes of yarn, depending on how many colors are used. Each scane of yarn has 2 ends, each of which it tied off by hand, so that the yarn will never unravel. After tying off these ends, a small tail of yarn remains. Once the knitting is complete and the ends are tied off, we tuck these tails into loops in the yard to hide them. However, during normal wear and tear, these tails may pop loose (see photo). When this happens, it is NOT a sign that your Cozy is wearing out or unraveling.

When we tuck in the tails, we try to do it in such a way that if the tail pops loose, it should pop out on the inside or back of the knitting, where they will remain hidden when worn. However, if they happen to pop out on the outside or front of the knitting, you only need to use a needle - or even a paperclip - to pull the tail through to the inside or back of the knitting.

Properly cared for, you cozy should last a good, long, time.

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