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Of all of the naked swimming holes and beaches in Vermont, Rock River is probably the most well-known. On a hot saturday afternoon, like when we were there, the parking area will likely be full and cars will be parking along rout 30. Rock River is technically not a river at all. It is a 13 mile tributary of the Connecticut River that runs through a pristine national forest.


Though public nudity is legal in nearly all of Vermont (with a few local prohibitions being the exceptions) the first portion of the trail that runs along the river is reserved for those who prefer to remain clothed. When visiting, please follow the guidelines of the posted signs.


Rock River is frequented by a largely gay crowd and though it is reported to get "very cruisy" we did not experience that at all. As you walk the 30 minute hike to the end of the trail, a series of stopping places (often called "holes" or "pools") get increasingly... um... active in the cruising department. The first hole is for those who want to remain clothed. Next is the more family-friendly nudist areas. The last hole, at the end of the trail, requires a river crossing, which can be a bit hazardous when the river is high and the water rushing (as it was when we were there).


The hiking is scenic. The water is a perfect cooling off temperature. And, wether gay or straight, Rock River is a must-visit for anyone who likes to be naked in nature.

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Lets Cam ! - otha grupe: xjo-zqes-dcy

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Lets Cam ! - otha grupe: xjo-zqes-dcy

10/21/21, 7:24 PM

Is sex allowed along the trails?

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