A Naked Gender Gap?

Is it just me or is there a real gender gap in the nudist/naturist community? (Feel free to answer by leaving a comment below). For me, it seems clear there is. The evidence for that seems everywhere. And, I think I know why it is. But, first, here are a few examples of why I think it is true:

1) I was recently told that Avatan (one of Minnesota's nudist clubs) is no longer accepting applications from single male members. They say they are "full up" on males, even though their web site says that overall membership is down.

2) My Twitter feed is overwhelmingly male. If I weed out the obvious porn/spam and focus exclusively on the true nudists/naturists, it is even more that way.

3) Our website subscribers (so far - note: we are admittedly very new) are overwhelmingly male.

4) A recent post on our forum about naked hiking clubs in the UK referenced the fact that they are almost exclusively male.

Setting aside for a minute the fact that I believe gender to not be a simple binary male/female (which is an important discussion we will have at another time) I am struck by the seemingly disproportionate number of females in the nudist/naturist community. If that is true, here is why I think it might be: men and women are taught to think about their bodies and sex differently.

Sure, most of us were taught that our bodies are dirty and that sex is naughty. However, society also pushes a "boys will be boys" attitude about sex, while there is no such built-in forgiveness for girls who sew their wild oats. Bottom line: there is a lot more slut-shaming of females in our society... you know, all of that "saving yourselves for your husbands" BS.

Who would ever expect a male to "save himself till he marries," after all? Society pushes the notion that woman should remain virgins while men are expected to be rampant fornicators. (Note: how exactly is that to work out in a predominantly heterosexual world, we should ask ourselves.)

Add in the slut-shaming and fat shaming women have gotten for decades from our fashion industry (and others) and I am unsurprising if it is true that there are fewer women in the nudist/naturist world. There is more stigma put on woman and they have more to risk, which, as a man, I find pretty sad.

Tell me what you think. Am I imagining this? If there is a gender gap, why do you think it so? Post a comment to let me know your thoughts.

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