A New Year, a New Look and Something Special

Whew! 2021 is finally here! We made it through 2020.

As we look ahead to 2021 we are thrilled with all of the new members joining Naked & Unashamed and for the buzz about our new Etsy shop, where we sell handmade items for your cock and balls. We are also particularly excited about our newest product, the Lifter.

We are excited about the Lifter because... well, we love it and the feedback about it has been overwhelmingly positive. It is so simple it that it has to be brilliant.

The Lifter is made of two double knit organic cotton rights that are knit together from one, long double thread with no seams. The larger ring goes around the cock and balls. The smaller ring goes around the base of the cock. Like any cock ring, this lifts your package up and forward. But, because it is soft, organic cotton, it is more comfortable than metal rings or such stuff. The smaller ring lifts the cock up and forward a little bit more, resulting in a spectacular profile when worn commando or under your favorite underwear. And, we have to say, after having more experience wearing the Lifter we can report that it will give you the hardest wood you have ever had, because the combination of rings restricts blood flow more than just a single cock ring.

We were fucking around here last night while wearing them and I cannot believe how big and hard I got! Wow. (see photo) Feedback from customers has been all positive. We are certain it is going to be a big seller.

Naked and Unashamed also has a new logo. And a new Twitter account (literally just set it up... please go follow us there)

We have also added a new members-only page to our website, which features coupons and offers that are for members only. For our first offer, we are giving a 20% discount to members as a special thank you for being part of our website. To claim the offer, simply visit the new page.

2021 is off to a great start. Thanks for being here with us!

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