All About Ass Play

Lets be clear right up front: ass play is not a gay thing. It is a guy thing. And, it has been that way since the beginning of recorded history. Though few people talk about it, ancient dildos are one of the most common objects found by archeologists, with many of those found clearly made for use by men. From stone-carved dildos that warriors carried with them in ancient times, the the renaissance bakeries specially hard-baked and glazed objects sold in male and female versions, it is obvious that guys have been liking butt stuff for a long, long time. The fact that liking to stuff things up ones ass is not related to a man's sexual orientation was explained online by one sex therapist:

"It is the gender of the person you like to have three knuckles deep inside you, not the fact that you like that, that determines your sexual orientation."

It is a simple anatomy thing. A man's prostate is a highly sensitive sexual organ that alone can generate intense orgasm. The fact that there are only two approaches to stimulate it (through the urethra via urethral sounding or with ass play) means that most guys eventually discover the bliss to be had just around the corner from the cock and balls. And, given that many guys can learn to even fuck their own asses (watch for our self fucking guide coming soon) it is hard to imagine why any male would not at least give ass play a try from time to time.

Unfortunately, in much of society that shames bodies and sex, butt stuff is often considered the most shameful. Of all of the sexual activities people enjoy, it is often the most difficult for people to admit to or to talk about. We say, get over it and get on to enjoying it with these simple tips:

Clean. Since most people are not into scat play, cleaning the play room first is always helpful. All kinds of products are available for achieving this goal and they themselves can be a fun way to warm up.

Relax. The sphincters around the ass are strong and are designed to keep thing from moving through them. Learning to relax the ass makes play easier and more pleasurable.

Go slow. When you first begin ass play, start with a finger or small toy. Slowly work your way up to longer, thicker toys, depending on your preferences. There are SO MANY options to pick from!

Lubricate. It is much easier when things are lubed up a bit. We recommend water based lubricant or, for a real treat, organic coconut oil.

Follow these tips and even the most dedicated top can find pleasure in bottoming, even if they don't like to admit it.

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