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Founding Membner badge
Founding Members get this special badge attached to their profile image and will have free access to special members-only areas of our site.

The Naked & Unashamed website is brand-spanking-new, but we already have dozens of site members and hundreds of subscribers. We could not be happier about that!

To reward our first 100 members, we are giving them a special badge that will be forever attached to their member profiles. We are calling them Founding Members and they will have free access to special areas of the site that will be announced soon. If you are one of the subscribers who has yet to become a member, consider doing so now and become one of our Founding Members. Also: Consider posting something interesting on the forum and get one of our new Forum Contributor badges! Thanks to everyone who is liking, following, subscribing and retweeting! This website is fleshing out nicely!

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