For Those Who Like to be Naked Even When They're Not

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Truth be told: I am usually naked, even when I am not. If I have cloths on, I am usually going commando under my pants, shorts or kilts. This gives me that naked feeling, without actually breaking the law. In addition to feeling great, it has also been proven to be healthier for my man parts. (hint: Our balls hang outside of our bodies for several reasons, after all. Temperature and air-flow are two of them.)

I have to confess, though, that, while I find the health benefits interesting, the real reason I go commando is that it feels really good. I have found only a couple of downsides. Fortunately I have also found a great solution to those!

The biggest problem I have when going commando is that I have fairly low-hanging balls. That means that in some (many) situations they are prone to dangling down between by legs instead of staying out front and out of the way. Sometimes I don't want them there. I have typically resolved this by wearing a cock ring that (generally) keeps me hanging more forward. But most cock rings are not ideal for all situations. Given that I also spend a lot of time sitting on a bike, which can be hard on the perineum, having a cock ring there can be really irritating and down-right damaging.

The bigger issue for me is the fact that I spend a fair amount of time wearing tight, clingy clothing: bike shorts, yoga pants and yoga shorts. When going commando in these it can leave too little to the imagination. I mean, I am all for nakedness. I just happen to prefer to show my parts in socially appropriate settings. Much of the clothing I wear would reveal my circumcision status if I were totally commando in them, which may be a little TMI for some people.

For years, I have searched for the perfect solution to these issues, and have even gone so far as to devise creative solutions, rigging up soft rings that give my balls the support they want, while letting them have that free-hanging feeling. I have used socks with rings wrapped around them to hold them in place to give my cock and balls the comfort of commando without showing too much to too many. More recently, I have taken this inventiveness to a new level: my own handmade minimalist "underwear" that I call "ComfyCock."

ComfyCock(TM) is hand-made from soft, plush, organic cotton. It is a plush and stretchy cock ring with an attached super-cozy fishnet pouch. The ring brings all the man parts forward, with just enough support that they stay out of the way. It is comfortable enough that I can sit for hours on a bike with no irritation. The hand-stitched fishnet pouch gives just enough of a hug to make me feel snug, while not interfering with that free-hanging sensation. The combination of the soft snuggliness with the commando feeling is like heaven to me! The breeze can blow through the fishnet while the netting gently caresses my goods. And, I can wear them under even thin, clingy clothing without giving others more of an eye-full than they want. It really is like being naked all the time, even when I am not!

I also make the rings all by themselves, because sometimes I really do want to be commando with the added support of the comfy, plush ring.

If you are interested in giving the ComfyCock a try, I have set up a small online store where you can give them a try. Supporting members of Naked & Unashamed get a 10% discount on all purchases!

If you are like me, you would prefer to be naked all the time. Now, you can at least feel like you are!

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