Getting Naked in Public Makes People Happier

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

World Naked Bike Ride
World Naked Bike Ride events attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year

For people inexperienced with being naked in public the reasons for doing it are often misunderstood. It is frequently mistakenly believed to be about sex, because people tend to think of nudity and sex at the same time - likely because we spend so much of our time covering our bodies - except when we are having sex.

That fact, combined with the reality that the naked bodies we tend to see are in magazines or movies - bodies that have been made up, lighted properly and Photoshopped to present picture-perfect forms - creates unrealistic ideas about our own bodies. In short: we have been taught that showing our bodies is dirty or naughty and then we are shown bodies that are not natural or normal and that only reinforces the notion that there is something wrong with our own. The clothing that humans began wearing to protect us from the elements has become a way of hiding ourselves from the World, because we think there is something wrong with ourselves.

Increasingly, however, people are beginning to realize that stripping naked with other people is healthy, fun and not sexual. OK. Sure. There are some social sexual groups that get together and strip for sex. Most nudist or naturist groups, however, are not sexual at all. Additionally, a growing list of public events like World Naked Bike Ride are attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year for good, clean, healthy public nudity.

More importantly, research is proving that people who participate in these events end up feeling better about themselves. Being naked with other people gives us a more realistic body image. Being naked (an extreme form of vulnerability) and accepted by others is also empowering, liberating and downright fun. It also turns out that the more you do it, the better the results.

Positive outcomes from stripping with other people include improved sleep, better brain function and increased Vitamin D production (which has powerful anti-cancer properties). So, what are you waiting for? Find your local nudist/naturist club and go... hang out!

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