Getting Naked in Winter

This time of year, as the temperatures drop, it is always a good time for people to be reminded of the historical origins of clothing: protecting our relatively hairless bodies from the cold. We've already written about how clothing went from a winter survival tool to being a symbol of social status. From there, it was a short leap to shaming people for not wearing cloths, in part, because slaves at the time were generally unclothed). In short: come winter, cloths become actual necessities instead of the body-shaming, social-status-burdens that they are the rest of the year. That leaves nudists - particularly those of us who really like being naked in nature - with a challenge: where to get naked?

Well, our growing list of Naked Places has some ideas for you. From warm, tropical beaches to indoor spas - there are great spots to take it all off even when the temperatures dip below your naked threshold. Not only can you view the places listed, you can do the nudist community a public service by posting your own favorite naked places.

Check it out and lets all plan on a happy, naked winter season!

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