Go Naked to Save the Planet

With wild fires, floods, droughts and record-settting heat waves sweeping the planet, nudists are pointing to some interesting statistics to promote the shedding of clothing: nudity is good for the planet.

We have already blogged about how public nudity makes people happier and healthier themselves. Science has actually proven that. Now, more people are looking at how nudity makes the planet healthier, in part because manufacturing, shipping and maintaining complex wardrobes is expensive and takes a lot of energy.

A typical load of laundry can use 1,400 watts of power. A dryer for a single load can easily gobble up 6,000 watts. That is a lot of planet-killing fossil fuel dumped into the atmosphere for no good reason at all, for the most part.

OK. Sure. There are times and places where clothing becomes a survival thing. Think Minnesota in January. Mostly, however, clothing is a set of vanity products designed to hide our bodies from others because of unhealthy body shame.

Getting naked more often, therefore, can make ourselves, and the planet, happier and healthier.

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