Is There Such Thing as Too Much Dick?

In recent years, a controversy has been brewing about the amount of dick being flashed on cable TV shows, like in Euphoria on HBO, which, apparently, showed more than 30 cocks in a single episode. Depending on which side of the debate you are on, the amount of male genitalia being flashed is either a positive sign of changing attitudes about bodies and sex, or it is over kill to the point of being off-putting.

Regardless of which side of that discussion you may find yourself on, there is no doubt that the cock is the final frontier when it comes to the display of body parts on TV and in film. Female breasts used to be the most you could expect to see, and then only in short little clips, maybe one or two quick flashes in a film or cable TV episode. Bare butts came next, followed by the female bush, both of which have been regularly shown for some time. But, even as film and TV have become more accepting of the human body, the cock has generally remained taboo. It was a HUGE deal when The White Lotus on HBO showed an anatomically correct model of a cast members cock and balls. It was one short shot… just seconds long. Yet, it stirred controversy nonetheless.

Now, HBO is pushing the envelope in Euphoria with real cocks in nearly every episode. All kinds of cocks. Soft cocks. Hard cocks. Cocks of all colors. And this is causing people to scream “too much cock!” But, is there ever any such thing as too much cock? Tell us what you think.

We say, normalize the cock. We want to see more!

Too bad those cocks aren’t appropriately adorned!

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