LIVE Naked Video Chat Now Every Saturday Evening

Yesterday, on a bit of a whim and realizing that nudist events were being canceled world-wide and that many people may be holed up in their homes with little outside contact, we decided to host a rather spontaneous online video chat. Though attendance was small, it was a good experience. For some attendees it was the only contact they had outside their homes all day. The consensus was that it was worth doing.

We share everything from our first nudist experiences to our thoughts and ideas about public body shaming. And, while it wasn't the same as an in-person get-together, we all felt more connected for having gotten together. Therefore, Naked & Unashamed is now making the video chat room available every Saturday evening beginning at 8 PM Central Time. It is free , fun and virus-free. There are also separate breakout rooms for people interested in different kinds of chats.

To join the video chat, just click the link from anywhere on the Naked & Unashamed website.

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