More Ways to Buy Your Favorite Cockwear


We have been loving all of the sales and great reviews we have been getting on our Etsy shop for our ComfyCock cockwear products. The regular shipments and happy customers always make us smile. We continue to be happy to provide comfort for cocks world wide. That being said, we are a bit tired of the attitude Etsy has for products labeled "mature." To be clear: Etsy says they allow adult content and even sexual images, so long as they are properly tagged as "mature" (rules we believe we have always followed).

Unfortunately, Etsy seems seems to have challenges implementing its mature content rules consistently and coherently. As a result, all of our listings were recently "deactivated" by Etsy (even though we have always tagged them as "mature" content). We are continuing to work with Etsy, in hopes they will become more tolerant and consistent in their implementation of their adult content policies. But, we have also decided to make our products available here, in our own shop, where no one can tell is that a penis is somehow too shameful to post online. And, we are opening the ship with a 25% off sale on everything in the shop.


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