Movie Review: Cruising at Beach 19

Sun, sand, surf and sex… Antonio da Silva serves it up in his recent film Cruising at Beach 19, a work in which he lets the visuals speak for themselves. Not a word is spoken (almost). But, the beach, bare asses and beefcake have their stories to tell.

Filmed at the infamous Beach 19 near Lisbon, Portugal, an internationally known, extensive nude beach, with a large gay cruising section, begins with a visual montage of naked guys arriving at the beach, playing in the surf and staking out their favorite spots. The Sun is hot. The sand is hot. The guys are hot, and come in all different sizes colors and shapes, because unlike other porn brands, which often offer a certain “type” of guy, Da Dilva’s “type” is male, and varied and diverse, and that makes it much more real and much more exciting.

Slowly and seductively, the action builds into a full-on group sucking a fucking session and by the time it does, you will be ready to grab your towel and head to the nearest beach.

Like other Da Silva films Cruising at Beach 19 is beautiful, intimate and very real rather than fake or phony. One construct he often uses to achieve that is not ending the film when the final cum shot is over. Instead, the camera keeps rolling as the guys clean themselves (and the mess they made) up. It’s a reminder that great sex is not neat and pretty. It is sweaty, sticky and messy. After the sublime ecstasy of climax is the coming back to the ordinary world. The post-climax clean up is a very erotic reminder of that.

If you are a fan of Antonio Da Silva’s work, including his 2014 first visit to Beach 19, titled simple Beach 19, you will undoubtedly love this film. If you have not seen any of his other work, you should check rent this film, but don’t let it set expectations about his other films. He adds a creative touch to each of them that makes each unique and special.

In my late teens and early 20’s a gay cruising beach like this one was an important part of my coming out story. So, I felt a special connection to Cruising at Beach 19. Even if you haven’t been to one, I suspect you will love it, too.

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