Naked, Unashamed and Very Excited

Since launching Naked & Unashamed a short bit ago, things here are exploding with activity and we are really excited about it. Every day we get new subscribers to our blog and new members.

Our community is growing and we are thrilled about that. We are also thrilled that people are asking for new features and content on the site. Being the obliging folks that we are, we have been busy implementing them.

One feature we are particularly excited about is our new page that lets visitors post information about the best places to get naked. One of the hardest parts of being a nudist/naturist is finding new spots to visit. This page should help. This will be an ever-growing, visitor-created list of recommended clubs, events, accommodations, beaches and more. Several places have been added already and the list is growing. Check it out.

We also have had some requests for more explicit content. We have been clear that we want Naked & Unashamed to be a non-sexual site for constructive nudism. That being said, there is no shame to sex or sexuality, either. As we have written before, slut shaming is just a different version of body shaming.

How to address the request and keep our original intent created a bit of a conundrum for us. As a result, we reached out to our members by sending a survey. We asked about their interest in more explicit content. The responses were all over the map, ranging from "I have no interest" to "I am very interested" (with lists of specific requests!)

We thought hard about accommodating all of these perspectives and have come up with a creative solution that should please everyone: The main website, what we will call the "Front Door," will remain as it has been, 100% devoted to non-explicit nudism/naturism. We have also added a members-only "back door" area that includes three new categories of content for member sharing. These categories are:

Complete Nakedness - a place to post content letting it all hang out, so to speak.

Sex Tips - Frank discussions about sex and sexuality, including tips for improving sexual activity. Many cultures have recognized that sex is healthy physically and mentally. And this area will explore all the different ways people can expand their sexual experiences in healthy and constructive ways. Coming up: a beginners guide to urethral sounding that should get a lot of interest from the guys and gals.

Just Porn - Because, why not. People want to share it, and they should be able to without shame.

We have also put the power to manage the content members want to see in their own hands. If you are only interested in the original, non-explicit content, there is nothing you need to do. On the other hand, if you are interested in checking out these other areas, and even sharing content with other members, you only need to join as a member. There are three membership categories available:

Basic Unashamed is free and provides access to all of the non-explicit content.

Unlimited Unashamed is also free and provides access to all content areas.

Unlimited Supporting is a $5 monthly gift (basically a good cup of coffee) to Naked Unashamed to help us keep the lights on while you get full access to everything. Long story short: It has been a wild and fun launch of Naked & Unashamed, thanks to everyone who has visited, shared, added content, etc. We look forward to continued expansion. New features will be coming soon, too!

Thanks again!

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