Naked & Unashamed Becoming

If you look around the website these days, you will find some changes taking place... most notably, the URL has changed to and we have a new logo to go along with that new address. All of the old links to all still work, too. The change is simply to help us maintain a uniform identity across our different platforms.

The new identity will also help us focus on our wildly popular and rapidly growing line of designer, handmade cockwear, which continues to get rave reviews from all across the globe. In the short time since we started knitting CockCozies, we have already adorned more than 600 cocks, which is not really a surprise, because there are comfort, health and sexual benefits to these soft, colorful and supportive goodies.

We are currently working to update the branding across our website and social media. So, don't be surprised if it is not all yet in sync. We will also be adding some new features to our website, while maintaining all of the existing ones.

Thanks again to all of our members and a special welcome to all of you new ones! Don't be shy. We would love to see you posting in the Forum or in the Play Room!

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