New LIVE Bate Chat Now Turned On

My pants are down. My dick is out. My webcam is on and pre-cum is dripping out the tip of my cock. I am checking out the new LIVE Bate Chat we have added to the Naked & Unashamed website. The service is currently available to members only. But, membership is FREE (no credit card information needed at all).

Throughout the ages, men, and I mean all men, gay, straight, bi, pan, you name it, have liked to get together to shoot their loads. I have written about that before. It's a guy thing, not just a gay thing.

Those early members may recall our original video bate "Play Rooms." This is a little like that, but more organized and each participant has more and better control over what is posted. It also requires less effort to manage, so the "play room" can be left open all the time! Check it out!

If there is no one there when you get there, whip your dick out and share a picture of video anyway for the next guys who come along. Otherwise, feel free to hang out there to see if anyone else shows up. Coming soon, we will announce specific times for meeting up there for group bate sessions. Enjoy!

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