New Naked Events and Places Post Social Distancing

World Naked Bike Ride - Montpelier, VT
World Naked Bike Ride in Montpelier, VT is Saturday, July 12, 2021

As summer of 2021 kicks off and Covid-19 vaccination rates soar, we are thrilled to see a variety of naked events being scheduled across the USA. From naked yoga to pool parties and more, nudists everywhere are getting ready to strip down and get together. That means that the "Naked Places" area of our website is once again starting to grow. For that reason, we have made some changes there in order to make it easier for people to add their own naked places and events and to find those that might be interesting to them.

We hope you will join in the fun and help make 2021 a summer of naked fun. As for us, you can count on seeing us at World Naked Bike Ride in Montpelier, Vermont on Saturday, July 12, as well as at other events over the summer. We hope to see you there!

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