Playing with Steel

I have been thinking about steel lately. Stainless steel. Stainless steel toys and cockwear, specifically. I have been thinking of those things because I have been busy designing a new collection of hand-knit cockwear that incorporates steel. I have also been buying different kinds and sizes of all of these things to work into my designs.

I have had a lot of steel around and have therefore been playing with steel a lot, playing as in every way you can probably imagine that, and probably some you can't. One thing is for sure, you can't beat cold [or better yet warmed to slightly more than body temperature] hard stainless steel for inside and outside play.

For inside (i.e. insertions) play, stainless steel is great because it is easily sterilized through boiling or other means of disinfecting. For outside play, it is hard, but smooth. It adds weight to cock and balls that means business. It is just all-around delightful stuff.

Stay tuned for details of the launch of the new ComfyCock Steel Collection soon (including special discounts for members)!

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