Review: Faywood Hot Springs, A Clothing Optional Oasis in the Desert

On a fluke we ended up in New Mexico with an empty day in our travel plans. As a result, we decided to Google hot springs in the area and ended up finding a place we had not heard of before, Faywood Hot Springs. To our delight, it advertised clothing optional pools, as well as some clothing-required areas and pools. Even better, if offered pet-friendly cabins. Since we were traveling with our pets, the pet-friendly cabins closed the deal. We called and reserved a cabin, not having any idea what to expect.

We made the drive to Faywood from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Google Maps route said it would take nearly 4 hours. But, without speeding, we made it in just a little over 3. The drive was beautiful and for those who have not experienced the scenery in New Mexico, the drive alone is worth seeing.

Most of the route is interstate with posted speeds of 75 miles per hour. After leaving the main road, the remainder of the drive is two lane highway with posted speeds of 65 miles per hour with only an occasional small town where the speed limits are reduced.

We drove in past the main gate and went to the check-in area and hour ahead of the allowed check-in time. Though we could not yet get the keys to our cabin, they were happy to give us a map of the place so we could begin using the pools, club house and walk the dogs on the paths.

The property is rustic and accommodations include primitive camp sites, camper/trailer sites and cabins. There are also public baths, showers and other shared buildings to use, all connected by dirt roads and walking paths. Clothing optional camping and other areas are well-marked to protect those who may be offended by the site of a naked body.

We fell in love with Faywood simply walking around the place. It was quiet. Nature was the focus. It was all about simplicity. When we checked into our cabin, we were even more delighted.

Front porch of cabin
The front porch of our cabin.

Our cabin was both less than and more than we expected, both in good ways. The less than part is because it had a "tiny house" layout and feel: and adorable little one-room bedroom, dinette and kitchen. The whole footprint was maybe a few hundred square feet. But, it was fully equipped with mini frig, sink, full bathroom, loft, front porch and fully privacy-fenced yard. That meant that we could let the dogs out simply by opening the cabin door. There was also a gas grill and pick nick table. All of that was the more than part.

The privacy fence meant that even though our cabin was in the clothing required area of the grounds, we could sit on the front porch naked (and actually enjoyed morning coffee in the Sun au naturale) and simply don a towel to walk a very short distance to the public clothing optional pools.

Speaking of the clothing optional pools, they were spectacular. As great as everything else was during our Faywood stay, the pools were the best. Fed by natural geothermal springs they have no sulfur smell, offer a variety of temperatures ranging from warm to very hot, were sparkling clean during our visit and were not at all crowded. We spent much of our time at Faywood

luxuriating in the pools and often had the pools to ourselves, though we also met some really nice people while enjoying them.

Because our time was limited, we did not have the ability to experience all of the pools, which are scattered around the property. Likewise, we didn't hang out at the clubhouse or really do anything other than walk around and luxuriate in the pools closest to our cabin, which were at their absolute best at night, under the spectacular New Mexico stars. That is when Faywood's simplicity really shines. Fewer, simpler and smaller buildings are lit with small and very simple and deliberate lighting at night which put the focus on the night sky, which is one of the nicest features of the place.

Floating weightless and naked in a hot, sparkling mineral bath while gazing at the majesty of the Milky Way is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lives. Our only regret was that we only had the one night available. We are committed to going back. There are all kinds of things to do nearby, from great food to hiking. Next time, we'll book a week or two.

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