Scarred for Life: The Real and Imaginary Scars of Our Bodies and Minds

Hernia repair scar
I have an actual scar from a hernia repair surgery. It is no big deal compared to the scars we put on our minds because of our bodies.

I have a physical scar left from a hernia repair surgery. It is one of many that I have on my body - reminders of a life lived. Many people worry about the scars on their bodies. I don't. I am more concerned about the unnecessary scars we put in our minds, particularly those that are about our bodies.

I was thinking about this a little while ago. I was attending a naked event with one of our local nudist clubs and one of the early members recalled a story about one of their first events. It was an all nude event in a member's back yard, surrounded by an eight-foot privacy fence.

Apparently, one of the neighborhood kids had gotten wind of the party, decided to get a ladder and put it up against the fence so he could climb up and peek over. Shocked by the site of naked bodies, he ran off to tell his mother that there were naked people gathering in one of the neighborhood yards. Horrified, she promptly called the police, proclaiming that these heathens had damaged her child. The sight of naked bodies had "scarred him for life" she told the police.

As the story was told, those of us listening all laughed about it. I couldn't help but comment that the child probably was scarred for life, not by the site of naked bodies, but by his mother's attitude about them. Growing up believing that our bodies - the natural vessels that carry us about the world - are bad, wrong, naughty and shameful - causes real scars that many people never heal.

Nudism/naturism can help. But, lets face it, nudists advocating for body and sex positive attitudes are fighting an uphill battle. Turn on the TV or open most social media and we are all bombarded by a nonstop stream of messaging that our bodies are to be covered because of shame. Going against that messaging, embracing our bodies - including our physical scars - is the best way to heal the scars on our minds caused by that messaging.

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