Sexual Freedom: What it is and Why We Need it.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

"Didn't get a single drop in my mouth," read the tweet from @BButcherBoy1 It was a video of him shooting a load of cum onto his beard, legs in the air, tongue reaching from his mouth for the white gold shooting from his cock and landing on his chin. Its a hot video, one of many on his feed. To me, though, it is more than a hot video. It is an expression of sexual freedom, something we desperately need more of in today's world.

I saw BButcherBoy1's "trying to come in my mouth" tweet right after reading the most recent sex scandal to come out of the Catholic Church. Bishop Jeffrey Burrill resigned when it was learned that he was using Grindr to hook up for gay sex. The response to Burrill's adult, consensual sexual activity was all the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching you can imagine, all of which resulted in his necessary resignation, because, in the Catholic Church, it is a requirement that all church officials suppress their sexuality to the extreme. That suppressed sexuality is, arguably, what causes the sexual dysfunction of its leaders that has created the unimaginably large, grotesque and ongoing scandal of priests and other church officials molesting scores of children. It is not hard to see why that is true.

Humans are highly sexual creatures, no matter how much we try to pretend otherwise. According to researchers, sex and sexuality is so deeply hardwired into our natures that sex may as well be listed along with air, water, food and shelter. Sure, you can try to suppress your sexuality, just like you can try to hold your breath. At some point, you're going to gasp for breath if you try to hold it too long. And, if you try to suppress your sexuality too long, you are likely to grasp for some sexual relief, too.

There are a host of social problems linked to sex shame and suppression, including revenge porn, sexual exploitation, rape and more. We could solve all of these problems by embracing and celebrating our sexuality. I, therefore, hope for the day when we are all as free to express our sexuality as well as BButcherBoy1. His inspiring tweet is below. And, note: if you want to cum in your mouth (who doesn't?) the secret is yoga.

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