Sharing Our First Time Stories is a Great Way to Promote Nudism/Naturism

We recently published a list of the best ways to celebrate and promote nudism. One of the most important items on the list was to tell our first-time stories. It is a fact that most people have multiple strong feelings about being naked in front of other people. We have been programmed since we were very young that being naked is bad and shameful. At the same time, it feels great and its kind of exciting. This strange mix of shame, excitement and fear is a natural part of the experience but the feelings are also so strong they keep many people from trying nudism.

When we tell our first-time stories we help people understand and reconcile their own feelings, which goes a long way toward #normalizingnudism. Naked & Unashamed has set up a special section of our forum to help people to share their first time stories. Check it out and share your story!

Tell Your Story & Win a $45 Gift from Naked & Unashamed

To kick off this new section of the Forum, I have added my first-time story. Naked & Unashamed is also offering a $45 certificate to the new NU Online Shop to the story that gets the most likes by the end of February. So, tell your story, promote nudism and get a chance to win!

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