Some Fun Website Updates

We are happy to let folks know about some fun updates to the Naked & Unashamed website that should make your time online more enjoyable!

Most notably: you can now easily get rid of that annoying "Subscribe" age-verification pop-up window that shows up when you first visit Now, the popup only opens if you are NOT logged in as a member. Therefore, to get rid of the pop-up, all you have to do is join the page as a member (in any membership category - including the free ones). Then, after you log in, stay logged in so that you are still logged in the next time you visit and your experience will be pop-up-free!

Second: We have been struggling a bit with adding comments to the site. We previously announced that we had it working, but we were encountering bugs with the comments plug-ins that come free with our web hosting services. And, for some fairly obvious reasons, we did not want to use any of the traditional social plugins (like Facebook) that allow for commenting, because we like to guarantee anonymity for our members. Since those social sites track user activity in ways we do not support, we didn't want to use them. In the end, we just rolled up our sleeves and wrote our own secure and private comments system, which is now working on the "Naked Places" and "Back Door" sections of the website. Check it out!

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