Staying Naked During Crazy Times

It has been a while since we posted on our blog. Many apologies. It has, in fact, been since just before the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis since we have posted. The fact is, things here have gotten pretty crazy since then. We live very near the epicenter of the riots. Much of our neighborhood has been largely destroyed. And, while our home has not been damaged, we have been called in several different directions.

But, that is not to say we have not been up to some fun things! We have designed some new men's intimate wear that is selling very well and we have become avid fans of We are working on a full review of Himeros that we will be posting soon. If you are not familiar, we strongly encourage you to check it out! We guarantee you have never seen anything quite like it. Also, check out the Naked & Unashamed Back Door. Some hot new content has been added there!

We will be back to more regular posting soon! Until then, feel free to add your own pictures, videos and other content to our forum!

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