The Best Men's Intimate Wear Ever

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

If you follow Naked & Unashamed you know that we have recently launched our new online shop and that it contains our own patent-pending design that makes it the most comfortable, provides the best support and, frankly, the feedback we have been getting suggests it is some of the sexiest menswear around. It has been years in development and we have decided to focus on model of quality vs. quantity. So, each item is hand knit using soft, stretchy organic cotton yarn. It is easy to put on and provides just the right amount of lift forward and hugging to give a man's package the best profile, whether wearing it at a nudist event or under clothing.

The shop now features three products, a basic knit ring, which is like any other cock ring, except that it is soft, stretchy cotton, making it far more comfortable than any other ring on the market. Even though it is comfortable, the knit ring provides all of the same benefits of any other cock ring.

For the guys who like a little more lift forward (and, therefore a more dramatic profile) we are offering the Cock Cozy, which is a much wider soft knit ring. The extra width gives the cock and balls an extra supported and cozy feeling, while giving that extra lift some guys really want.

The most popular addition to the shop is the fishnet pouch (pictured above), which is, hands-down, the most comfortable mens' support wear ever invented. It is composed of two key parts. The top-most part is the basic Cock Cozy. It is attached to a very stretchy fishnet pouch. The combination keeps all the man bits where you want them while still letting the breeze blow through. It is particularly helpful to men who like to be active, like running, biking, doing yoga, while still having that commando feeling.

If you like to go commando under tight lycra, don't want to give away too much information, this is the product for you! No panty lines. It leaves a great package profile while still leaving enough to the imagination for modern society.

Use the following size chart for ordering:

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