The Lies We Tell About Our Bodies and Sexuality

I've been thinking a lot about the lies we tell ourselves about our bodies and sex. I began thinking about it when I noticed a shocking amount of sex shaming in the nudist community. In one nudist forum I read, someone asked if it was OK to post photos that showed genitalia. Several nudists said absolutely not. One went so far as to say that "when when we take off our cloths we do not take off our morals." Wait! What! Some nudists think showing their full bodies is not "moral?"

Anyway, I digress... I recently thought about that again, when a poll popped up in my Twitter feed asking if it was ok to check out other people (in a sexual way) at nudist events. I thought the question itself was odd, which I will explain in a bit. The responses, however, were downright strange, from my point of view. 51% of the respondents said that, no, it was not ok to check out other nudists sexually.

To be absolutely crystal clear: It is my strong opinion that humans are naturally very sexual creatures and that there is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with Bonobo Chimps, the closest animal relative to humans, also being highly sexual beings.

At a basic, foundational level, humans (and Bonobos) are about sex, so much so that our social structure organizes around sex and sexual attraction, at least to a large degree. So, of course people are going to check each other out sexually at nudist events. People check each other out sexually at every other kind of event. Why would nudist events be any different?

The fact that the question was even asked was shocking to me. Anyone who who would claim they do not check out other people at nudist events would not be telling the truth. The fact that 51% of respondents said that checking other people out is somehow not ok was, therefore, even more shocking. But, it probably shouldn't have been, because people lie constantly about their bodies, sex and sexuality.

And, in the end, isn't that the most confronting thing about being naked in front of other people: we are exposing ourselves as we really are physically. No lie. Not pretending. Just who we are.

If we could encourage more nudists to expose themselves as they really are emotionally and spiritually (including admitting they check out other nudists at naked events without guilt or shame), then the world will be a better place. Stop lying about our bodies and sexuality already.

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