The Odd Link Between Christianity and Pagan Sun Worship

If you are a Christian who likes to strip of your cloths on sunny days for a bit of naked sun tanning, but feel guilty about doing so, you should cut yourself some slack. The roots of Christianity are firmly grounded in Pagan Sun worship, including not just nude sun bathing but all kinds of ritualized sexual practices.

By all documented historical accounts, it was the ancient romans who took Sun loving, spiritual, sexual practices and weaponized them as a way of controlling the the Pagans, who believed that the Sun was the source of life on Earth and that sexual energy provided a direct connection to the Devine. Anyone who has spent a full day of tantric sex or edging understands how this can be true. If you prolong orgasm and/or ejaculation (note: with practice they do not have to happen at the same time) your body and mind can go into altered states of awareness that are beyond anything that common drugs can provide. It is nothing short of a profound spiritual experience, even when done alone. When done with others, the experience is that much more profound.

That fact was central to Pagan spiritual practice, which the Romans needed to destroy in order gain power. Proof of this comes from the story of Jesus itself.

The basic story of Jesus, you know, that whole thing about being born on January 25 to a virgin mother, traveling around with 12 deciples, being cruicified, buried in a tomb and coming back to life after 3 days… that whole story was being told about various Sun gods for more than 1,000 years before Jesus even supposedly walked on Earth.

That is because the entire story is astrological in its meaning. As clearly described in detail in videos like this one, it was a way for ancient people who did not have written language to track the movements of the Sun. In the story, Jesus represents the Sun and the deciples are the 12 astrological houses… places in the sky not people who actually walked around on Earth.

In addition to overthrowing the ancient Pagans through violent acts of war, early Christians plagiarized the Pagan’s, tweaking them here and there in order to give themselves more political influence and power. In the process of doing so, the Romans needed to destroy the spiritual practices of the Pagans, including nudism and ritualized sex.

So, if Jesus represents the Sun, maybe a great way to worship is to spend a naked day in the Sun, like the ancient Pagans often did.

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