The "Pervs" Among Us

A tweet recently came across my Twitter feed from a nudist complaining about the "pervs" they said were common spying on nudists at nude beaches and other public spaces where nudity is allowed. They pondered whether we should give up such places because these "pervs" were ruining things for all of us. I resisted the urge to say all I wanted to say at the time and took some time to think about it before writing this blog.

First off, I feel a need to say that attraction to looking at naked bodies is 100% normal. Secondly, feeling shame for wanting to look is something that has been programmed into all of us (unless we grew up in a rare nudist culture) since the time we were little kinds. Therefore, calling people who want to look, but that are ashamed of their looking - or who would love to join in the nudity but cannot bring themselves to do it - "pervs" seems counter to everything the naturist/nudist movement holds dear. Judging our clothed fellow citizens for being attracted to nudism while also being embarrassed or shameful about it is worse than counter-productive. Not to mention that labeling people "pervs" because they are not like you is not a wise path. After all, we nudists are not the norm in most cultures (yet). Best not to label, lest you be labeled yourself!

I say, let them look. If they are having a good wank, let them. What's it to you?

Eventually, the naked body will become no big deal to them and they may even be able to join you. You know, live and let live. Peace. Chill. Relax. All of that.

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