The Power of Nakedness

According to Brené Brown, who has made an art of studying vulnerability and human connections, human connection and vulnerability go hand-in-hand. No doubt, humans often have their most profound connections to others when they are being the most vulnerable. After all, we can only connect with others fully when we are fully being who we are with no guilt, shame or apology about it. That is the theme to her Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability.

Her talk is full of great information relevant to all people. For the nudist/naturist, there is, perhaps, some additional meaning: it helps explains the joy and freedom we experience being naked with others. Nakedness is at its core a form of vulnerability and Brown's research suggests that vulnerability is a source of joy. It is, in fact, our primary source of joy.

Her research also helps to explain why people who get naked regularly with others are happier, healthier and why they experience more joy in their lives. Though her research is not about nudity, the connection is undeniable. Everyone should check out her Ted Talk and share it with others in their lives.

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