Two Minutes Game Can Change Your [Sex] Life

No matter how free and creative a man might be, there is always room for spicing up his sex life. This adult game is one way to do just that. All you need is two or more players, a 2-minute timer and you can have hours of fun.

The game is simple to play. It is called 2 Minutes, because it involves taking turns choosing the group activity in two minute intervals. It is that simple.

The first player states the activity for the group, say, for example "eat my ass" or "I eat your ass or "we all eat each others asses," then the timer is set for 2 minutes and the group partakes of that activity until the timer goes off. Naturally, since all good sex is 100% consensual, any player can opt out of any round if they choose.

Prior to play, asses should be cleaned and prepped and any toys and other items needed (lube, towels, sheets, etc.) should be brought out and ready to use. Activities can include watching, for example, "you watch me fuck myself" or "I watch you sound your cock." They can be sweet and tender, like "rub our cocks together" or more raunchy, like "take this double-headed dildo together."

By breaking each activity up into 2 minute chunks of time, sexual activity is drawn out. Most guys will not get so involved in a new activity so as to climax within a 2 minute piece of time, or, at least, can easily stop themselves from cumming if they have only been active for 2 minutes. As a result, this game can extend sexual activity a good amount of time. It can also assist in generating simultaneous climax by helping people to learn to manage larger and larger amounts of sexual energy. Additionally, the talking and interaction between rounds adds a social component to sex that is very constructive and healthy, even for long-term, monogamous partners.

It also helps partners to become more practiced at asking for what they want in bed, which, alone can completely change a person's sex life.

2 Minutes can be played by longtime intimate couples or on first dates (an interesting way to get to know a person!) or any combination or number of people. It can be played in-person or virtually. Turn your creative energy lose and get to it.

Be sure to let us know how it turns out.

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