Vermont: The Naked Capitol of the USA

Though most of the USA is beyond freaky about nakedness, that is not the case for the state of Vermont, where nudity is welcome most places, because there is no state law banning bare-assness. It is not that people tend to go about their business in the raw, though that is not unheard of there. It is more that attitudes in "freedom and unity" state is, well, all about freedom and unity. So, if you want to go hiking the Appalachian trail, take a naked yoga class or just get an even tan line, you will have plenty of legal options in Vermont.

But, there is far more to love about Vermont than the ability to get naked when you want. The fact that there are no large cities means there is an abundance of nature and open spaces. The state's culture of progressiveness, art and legal weed don't hurt, either. Perhaps more importantly: the notions of greed that seem so prevalent everywhere else seem to have largely bypassed the state, so much so that when Vermont legalized recreational marijuana it didn't even regulate it so that the Government could cash in. The state pretty much just said, "If you are an adult and want to do it, go ahead."

If you have yet to visit, be sure to get it on your bucket list!

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