Video Chat, Digital Circle Jerk & New Products Added

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I have to say that when I created the naked video chat room, I wasn't exactly sure what it would be. I just new people were needing new and creative ways of staying connected in these weird time. Most of us can't really get naked together right now. To my delight it has been a broad mix of everything from emotionally touching to wild, hot and sexy.

Guys have shared their coming out stories, their first sexual experiences and other personal stuff. "Wow! I've never told anyone that before," exclaimed one visitor, saying he felt a new sense of relief and freedom.

While some have come to meet and talk others have come to meet and get off online with others. And, because Naked & Unashamed is both a body-positive and sex-positive environment, we are good with all of that. I realized pretty early in the experience that I have had a fantasy about participating in a circle jerk with other guys. Growing up, I knew that was a thing guys did. But I never did. Then, one Saturday evening I checked out the Play Room during the Live Chat, and, sure enough, there it was: a live online circle jerk. In one room people were talking nudist philosophy and in another, guys were burning off the stress of being cooped up during the Covid-19 lock up. Personally, I enjoyed all of it and I encourage anyone who wants to find ways of connecting during this unusual time to join us at 8 PM Central every Saturday night. Join the chat here.

I have also been getting great feedback about our organic cotton intimate wear, with requests for other colors. So, we have begun adding the White Party edition of some of our favorite items. Check them out in our online shop!

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