Welcome to Our New Naked World

Welcome and thank you for coming to Naked and Unashamed, a new space to explore nudity, learn to love your body and to shed shame about it.

We find the idea of body shame to be repugnant. Our bodies are, after all, the vessels that carry us through out entire lives. They are the only ones we have or will ever have. Therefore, we think that culturally imposed shame about them represents a sickness in our society that manifests in a variety of problems.

The fact of the matter is, though, that most of us have had body shame drilled into hour heads from the time we were little kids. We were born naked and unashamed. But, then society began telling us that our bodies were naughty, dirty and bad. We were made to cover them up and told that getting pleasure from them was bad.

In fact, shedding the shame and embracing our bodies is a rewarding and liberating experience. Being welcomed and accepted by others in the vulnerable and open state of nakedness can bring about spiritual and community contentedness.

We hope you will join us in ditching that old paradigm and help spread a new and more enlightened celebration of our humanity! Thanks again for stopping by and WELCOME!

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