Whose Ready for a Party in Their Pants?

There are a lot of fun things about knitting handmade cockwear and our latest design kicks the fun to a whole new level!

The Lifter de Carnaval is a special, limited edition of the Lifter in honor of Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro and its related celebration, Mardi Gras, here in the USA. For those days and nights when you feel like a party in your pants, this special Lifter is just what you need! It will only be available for a very limited time. So, get your order in today!

The Lifter is made of 98% soft and stretchy cotton. A new and special knitting technique makes it even softer and stretchier than the original. It is handmade to order. It is an extra wide (1.25 inches), double knit cock ring that give more support by bringing everything more forward. A second smaller attached ring goes around the base of the penis, bringing it up and forward, giving your man basket an enhanced look, whether you are wearing it while free balling or under your favorite underwear. Keep your man bits comfy and supported with this most oh-so-comfy. Your cock and balls will be delighted.

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