Why Yogis Have the Best Sex

Doing yoga naked
Anything is possible with yoga

Without giving it much thought, it is easy to understand some of the reasons yoga helps people have better sex. The strength and flexibility that one gains from practicing yoga helps achieve and sustain a wide variety of positions that improve or enhance the sexual experience. And while improved sex may not be the primary reason most people do yoga, it still has that effect.

Deep twisting helps guys reach around for deeper ass play. Loosening of the spine hamstring muscles can help those who want to suck their own cocks, or even to be able to look down and see their own ass as it gets played with or fucked. There is, however, a lot more than that about yoga that helps with sex. A whole lot more.

One of the great things about sex is that it brings our mental awareness into our bodies. And since the practice of yoga is all about body and breath control yogis have an enhanced sense of both that helps them experience sex in more intense ways. Yoga also increases a persons sex drive, releases chemicals in the body (like Oxytocin) that aid in relaxing and stretching muscles and also in forming social bonds. In all of those ways, and more, yoga and sex are in interconnected.

Yogic practice focuses attention on certain energy centers in the body. One of the most important is the Mula Bandha, or the root or pelvic lock, which initiates just in front of the tailbone and rises up into the pelvis from there. When men engage the Mula Bandha it contracts muscles all around the perinium, prostate gland and ass and can begin generating sexual energy. This energy is then naturally spread through the whole body. None of this, of course, is going to be taught at your local gym, particularly in the beginner's yoga classes. But, that should not stop you from going. Find a small, local yoga studio where you can practice and read books that cover the ancient practices, particularly those about Naga Yoga (or naked yoga). And, frankly, even if the topics of Bandhas and energy centers never comes up, practicing yoga will generate sexual energy, focus your mind on your body and breath in new ways and, ultimately, make your sex life much more interesting!

Below: The yoga pose Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose) which involves wrapping the knees behind the shoulders and the ankles behind the head is one of the challenging yoga postures that help men to learn how to suck their own cocks. It may take years of practice and some men may never accomplish the posture. But, they are certain to have fun trying.

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