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Site Rules

No photos/videos of minors. You can post explicit material on your personal profile pages or the forum. All other rules apply.


No photos/videos of others without their consent.


No spamming or advertising.


Admin decisions are final.


Please be nice.

  • What is your policy about porn?
    We are big fans of porn. We think porn is a natural expression of human sexuality and that many people enjoy sharing it publicly. We encourage them to do so here, so long as it meets our rules. Shoot it. Post it. Share it. Enjoy it.
  • Is my privacy protected?
    Yes! We do not share any member's information with anyone. Never. Be careful what information you post and you should be good!
  • Can I post nude photos of myself?
    Yes! You bet! And, also tell us about your stories/feelings about doing it.
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